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Speaking The Word Of Truth

“Those who had been scattered preached the word where ever they went” Acts 8:4 Our task is to be speaking the word of truth everywhere we go.  How often we forget this simple task.  We tell the story and God does the rest.  We shine his light into the darkness.  We are Ka Lamaku.

Being Faithful In Persecution

“And on that day a great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem and they were all scattered…” Acts 8:1b Persecution may come, but we remain faithful to Him. The early church in Jerusalem remained faithful to Jesus and serve today as an example of faith under fire. We too may be examples to those…

People of God

We are called the people of God because we worship Him.  What does it mean to identify oneself with God?  Stand with Him? Stand for Him?  Speak to Him? Speak about Him? Put Him first?  Put Him in the center of all things? Center out lives around His teachings? Model ourselves after Him?  Yes and…

Christian Life

Sharing our life and property and possessions is part of the normal Christian life for the followers of Jesus.  Giving to those in need in the household of faith enhances relationships, since no “payback” was due.  What would it be like if we were able to give without expecting payback?  Perhaps it would be seen…

God Is Glorified

We are a people who are to be more concerned about how God is glorified than our own personal agenda.  God has us right where He wants us right now for His glory.  He will be glorified through our praise and worship.  When He is first, we are Ka Lamaku.

True Leadership

Focus upon true leadership has been ‘fuzzy’ for a long time in mankind’s history.  We have looked to the wrong saviors. We have rejected the right, for the convenient wrong.  Our problems have always been, and will be, moral problems.  No different today than it was in the time of Jesus.  To be truly righteous…

God’s Promises

God’s promises are to be fulfilled.  They shall be fulfilled in the future as they have been in the past.  God is faithful in keeping His word.  Therefore we can trust Him to follow through in every way.  When we are faithful inresponse to His faithfulness then we are Ka Lamaku.

The Hard Things In Life

We often try to avoid doing the hard things in life, but Jesus faced them head on.  Knowing you are secure in your relationship with the Father gives you boldness.  It was evident with the disciples Peter and John and the whole church in Acts 4; as they prayed for new boldness, to proclaim the…