Speaking The Word Of Truth

“Those who had been scattered preached the word where ever they went” Acts 8:4 Our task is to be speaking the word of truth everywhere we go.  How often we forget this simple task.  We tell the story and God does the rest.  We shine his light into the darkness.  We are Ka Lamaku.

People of God

We are called the people of God because we worship Him.  What does it mean to identify oneself with God?  Stand with Him? Stand for Him?  Speak to Him? Speak about Him? Put Him first?  Put Him in the center of all things? Center out lives around His teachings? Model ourselves after Him?  Yes and…

Empowering of the Holy Spirit

The empowering of the Holy Spirit for each of us puts us in community with each other.  Scripture plainly teaches that the Holy Spirit gifts the members of the body of Christ as He determines is best for the body.  When we minister and work in our areas of giftedness then we are for the…

God Is Glorified

We are a people who are to be more concerned about how God is glorified than our own personal agenda.  God has us right where He wants us right now for His glory.  He will be glorified through our praise and worship.  When He is first, we are Ka Lamaku.

New Year and New Beginnings

New Year and new beginnings.  This is the time to make that commitment to dig into God’s Word more deeply this year.  Making God’s Word part of your DNA takes a decision of your will.  I would like to encourage you to find the time to do so. Become a beacon of light to others,…

Times of Greatest Need

All of us in our times of greatest need find ourselves wanting reassurance.  Hope is fragile at times, but when realized, there is great peace and joy.  The joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour is the peace that passes all understanding.  Joy in the midst of trials and strife.  Hope in the midst…

True Leadership

Focus upon true leadership has been ‘fuzzy’ for a long time in mankind’s history.  We have looked to the wrong saviors. We have rejected the right, for the convenient wrong.  Our problems have always been, and will be, moral problems.  No different today than it was in the time of Jesus.  To be truly righteous…

Have We Denied Jesus?

The denial of Peter knowing Jesus rings in our ears even today.  We see ourselves in the life of Peter. We often wonder ‘How have we denied Jesus?’.  In what way have we turned away from our savior? Seek Him and He will embrace you.  Then you will be Ka Lamaku.