Posts from April 2017

Christian Life

Sharing our life and property and possessions is part of the normal Christian life for the followers of Jesus.  Giving to those in need in the household of faith enhances relationships, since no “payback” was due.  What would it be like if we were able to give without expecting payback?  Perhaps it would be seen…

We Seek The Living Christ

We seek the living Christ so that our lives can be renewed.  We seek the living Savior so that our lives can be recreated.  We seek the living Messiah so that our lives can be reconciled.  We seek the resurrected living Jesus because He promises us a resurrection and everlasting life.  That’s Ka Lamaku.  He…

Being With Jesus

The world will recognize those who have been with Jesus.  Something about their lives has changed and it is undeniable.  The world will not agree with you or even side with you;  but it will see you.  You are salt and light to them.  You are Ka Lamaku.