Posts from March 2017

The Gift of Wholeness and Salvation

The gift of wholeness and salvation are far more inportant than silver or gold.  When salvation comes, your whole life will change.  For some it means a new and different way of life altogether.  New life comes at a cost, don’t discount it.  Ka Lamaku.

Building Of The Church

We often worry about our role in the building of the church.  Our role is simple:  We allow God to work in us and through us, and pray for the results.  We are workers who are in a partnership with Jesus in his mission.  May we be Ka Lamaku.  

Hearing The Gospel

Hearing the gospel for the first time does not mean it has not been spoken to us before.  We often need to have multiple voices proclaiming the same message to hear it for the first time.  The spoken word, the written word, and the living word; produces Christ in us, our hope of glory.  Ka…

Sending Jesus To The Cross

Knowing our own part in sending Jesus to the cross can be quite sobering.  We did not drive the nails into His flesh, but our sin drove Him to die for us.  Thank God for His grace and the blessing of new life and salvation.  Free from sin and the guilt and punishment of sin. …