Posts from September 2016

What Jesus Wants Us To Do

Here is what Jesus wants us to do:  go and find a quiet place so you will not be tempted to role play in front of others;  be as simple and honest as you can be; let the focus shift from yourself to God.  Then you will sense His grace and be Ka Lamaku.

Expressing the Love of Jesus

To express our love for others, is to imitate the love we have received from Jesus himself.  We just copy how He cared and loved us and repeat that towards the others around us.  Even the ones who are hard to love?  Yes even others who are more like us than we want to admit.…

Obeying Jesus

Obeying Jesus is how we show our love for Him.  This means our love takes the action of disciplining ourselves to be obedient and discovering how we can better serve Him for His mission.  Thankfully God’s ever present Holy Spirit is there to guide and instruct us.  In this way we are Ka Lamaku.