Posts from December 2016

God with us!!

God with us!!!  What a blessing for our lives. The greatest present ever to be given.  New life, forgiveness of sins, freedom from guilt, and love from God for us.  God now lives with us and in us.  We are His dwelling place via the Holy Spirit.  That is real Ka Lamaku.

Redemption of the World

The world’s redemption was to be delivered; as a baby.  The promised messiah was to take on human flesh and dwell among us.  God with us as promised from the ages past.  May we proclaim the good news to the needy world.  Then we will be Ka Lamaku.

Times of Greatest Need

All of us in our times of greatest need find ourselves wanting reassurance.  Hope is fragile at times, but when realized, there is great peace and joy.  The joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour is the peace that passes all understanding.  Joy in the midst of trials and strife.  Hope in the midst…

Advent of the Lord

From John the Baptizer’s message we learn a lot of what we need to do to prepare for the advent of the Lord.  Prepare for the coming. Confess our short falls. Repent and turn towards the Savior.  And finally produce the lifestyle that shows our true intentions of our hearts.  Ka Lamaku.