Posts from October 2016

God’s Promises

God’s promises are to be fulfilled.  They shall be fulfilled in the future as they have been in the past.  God is faithful in keeping His word.  Therefore we can trust Him to follow through in every way.  When we are faithful inresponse to His faithfulness then we are Ka Lamaku.

Have We Denied Jesus?

The denial of Peter knowing Jesus rings in our ears even today.  We see ourselves in the life of Peter. We often wonder ‘How have we denied Jesus?’.  In what way have we turned away from our savior? Seek Him and He will embrace you.  Then you will be Ka Lamaku.

The Hard Things In Life

We often try to avoid doing the hard things in life, but Jesus faced them head on.  Knowing you are secure in your relationship with the Father gives you boldness.  It was evident with the disciples Peter and John and the whole church in Acts 4; as they prayed for new boldness, to proclaim the…

How The World See’s Jesus

The world watches us to see Jesus.  Our actions and attitudes conveys a message of our valued relationship with Jesus as our Savior.  What do people of the world see?  One thing that Jesus wants them to see is unity to let them know that they are loved by God.  Unity does not come easy…

The Holy Spirit

Jesus has to leave His disciples in order for the Holy Spirit to come.  Jesus calls Him the Spirit of Truth and the Counselor.  His purpose is to lead and guide. Allow Him to work in your life and you will be Ka Lamaku.