Posts from August 2016

Knowing the Father

Knowing the Father happens for us by knowing the Son.  When we see Jesus we see the Father.  The same can be said for people who ‘see’ us.  We are the only Bible they will read, we are the only Jesus they will see.  Going beyond this hilltop where we worship is our taks of…

God’s Love

God’s love for each of us knows no limits.  There is nothing we can do that will earn us more love from our Father.  Jesus has done it all for us. We are His own. We love because He loved.

People still want to see Jesus!

Today people still want to see Jesus!  While they probably will not come to you and say something like ‘show me Jesus’; they will be watching to see if your relationship with Jesus has changed your life and lifestyle. Your actions will speak louder than your words.  May God be glorified. Ka Lamaku