Posts from July 2016

Coming in the name of the Lord

Coming in the name of the Lord is coming in His authority and power. Coming as His ambassador and representative.  Coming to speak for the Lord with His message of hope and salvation; having positional and spiritual authority with His message. May we also come in the name of the Lord with His truth. Ka…

Jesus Has The Answers

Jesus really does have the answers we need. When we seek Him, we find the peace that is so needed in our lives. Sometimes the only miracle that we need in our lives is to deepen our relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior.  When we live and walk in His light we become Ka…

Seeing The Work of God

Seeing the work of God in someone’s life is always well pleasing. As parents we often see God working in our children. As Christians we often see the work of God in new converts.  Pray that you will see God working in your life as well. Look for His activity. Ka Lamaku.